Patek Philippe Almanac calendar who for twenty years

In 1996 the Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show, Patek Philippe introduced a calendar function with a mechanical timepiece, so that wearers only need to adjust once a year to enjoy the perfect automatic calendar switch. Patek Philippe calendar calendar was born in the watch industry immediately caused a sensation and access to the unanimous recognition of experts, won the title of the best time of the year. 2016 coincides with the 20th anniversary of the birth of the calendar, Patek Philippe 20 years in the original calendar on the basis of continuous innovation, to create a legendary time history. Almanac watch, design origin Many mechanical wristwatches provide calendar functionality, but regular calendars need to be manually adjusted at the end of each month to ensure accurate date display. By the end of the 18th century, watchmaker Breguet invented the perpetual calendar device, through sophisticated gears, joystick and fork, perpetual calendar watch without manual adjustment of the wearer can correctly display the date, even in the end of February each year can automatically jump Was divisible by 400 years except 100 years). 200 years, although the calendar device after many improvements, still need a lot of precision rocker and fork lever to drive. The huge number of components and complex production process, a direct result of the complex structure of the watch years, production is scarce, and prices are high, or even no market price. Patek Philippe Almanac calendar who for twenty years After the 70's, mechanical watches by the rolex replica uk quartz watch of the severe challenges, and to restore the tradition of mechanical watch Patek Philippe in the brand's 150th anniversary of the birth of the masterpieces Caliber 89, triggered the public for the complex functional timepieces enthusiasm. Patek Philippe hopes to take this opportunity to more customers to provide simple, practical and accurate complex function watch. So the development of a can automatically identify the 31-day and 30-day calendar month to fill the ordinary calendar watch and high above the calendar between the blank, as the brand's top priority. In view of this, when he was president of Patek Philippe? Mr. Foster? In the early nineties inspired the company to develop a design department close to the people, high performance, easy to operate the calendar. From scratch, stunning debut Patek Philippe development and design staff of the initial idea is to simplify the device on the basis of perpetual calendar, in order to meet the requirements of the swiss replica watches president. However, the reality is that their original design is difficult to achieve the original intention. This makes them realize that in order to design a calendar in accordance with expectations, it must break the tradition. This is not difficult to imagine, because in the calendar years after the birth of nearly two hundred years may not be no tabulation masters initiation with the same idea of ​​Mr. Philip Stearns, but in the Patek Philippe calendar calendar before the birth, we never heard of Similar functions. Thus, in accordance with the traditional structure of mechanical calendar to design a new calendar, this idea is clearly not feasible. Patek Philippe Almanac calendar who for twenty years In 1991, Patek Philippe and the Geneva Polytechnic University of cooperation, so that the development process of the calendar appeared a major turn for the better. Graduation design of the school students to Patek Philippe's designers decided to start from scratch, the design of this epoch-making calendar. The talented student, Cedric, abandoned the joystick and fork of the traditional calendar device, instead of gear. This can not only greatly reduce the number of parts of the calendar device, but also can reduce the difficulty of processing and improve the reliability of the entire device. From the traditional shackles of the developers will soon develop a calendar device core design, to the 1994 calendar watch the overall design has been basically established, began to enter the production and testing phase. With Ref. 5035 at the 1996 Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show debut, Patek Philippe Almanac has finally opened a mystery. This amazing work won the praise of rolex replica watches industry experts and the public, in the fall of the year won the Swiss "Montres Passion" magazine's "annual watch", the following year and deserves to be named the title of the best time of the year. In business, the calendar also received watches and clocks enthusiasts and collectors of the favor, as Patek Philippe and the entire watch industry, one of the best-selling mechanical watches. Continuous innovation, perseverance Although the calendar year of the birth of a watch will be a good sales performance, but Patek Philippe did not stop, but with their own tabulation process in the extraordinary ability to launch a number of other complex functions of the calendar watch to form a complete calendar Series of works, to meet different customer needs. As the calendar device in the design of advanced modular concept, so as long as a little deal with the calendar module can be with other basic movement, or even the perfect fusion of complex functions to create a different functional combination of the super complex function watch , Such as the 1997 calendar year of the birth of the moon phase Ref. 5036, launched in 2006, the first calendar chronograph Ref. 5960, and the advent of 2007 Ref. 5033, which cleverly incorporates the calendar function and the three- , With a barrel-shaped case, filling the Geneva brand Zoran style. Patek Philippe Almanac calendar who for twenty years In addition, Patek Philippe also through advanced materials research, in the movement of the core components of the continuous improvement to improve the performance of the calendar watch. In 2005, Patek Philippe introduced Ref. 5250G, using the Patek Philippe advanced research department developed Silinvar? Escape wheel. In 2006, Patek Philippe has introduced the Spiromax ® silicon balance spring balance Ref. 5350, which is the advanced research department to create the second watch. In 2008, the Ref. 5450 debuted as the third work of the Advanced Research Department, using the Pulsomax® escapement developed by the department for the first time. At this point, Patek Philippe use of silicon material on the movement of the core components to achieve a comprehensive upgrade, so that the calendar of the travel time precision and power reserve has been significantly improved. Practical function, women preferred Almanac with reliable performance, simple operation and elegant design to create a "practical complex function watch," the precedent of sincerity. As a result of all gears, calendar device simple structure, easy maintenance, with automatic calendar switching function of the Patek Philippe timepieces in the price never so close to the people, at the same time for the wearer daily life to bring practical convenience. Patek Philippe Almanac calendar who for twenty years In general, complex function watches are mostly men watches, especially the perpetual calendar series, its complex structure and operation, as well as the large size of the case is too large for many women discouraged, the birth of the calendar device just for the women's complex Function watch the emergence of the opportunity to create. In 2005, Patek Philippe introduced the first women's calendar watch Ref. 4936, which is one of the earliest women's complex function of Patek Philippe watch, with shiny mother of pearl dial and exquisite crocodile leather strap with 37 mm diameter Elegant case and bezel set with diamonds, filling the women's shiny style. In 2015, Patek Philippe has introduced upgrades Ref. 4947 and senior jewelry Ref.4948, not only reproduce the classic, further highlights the complex features of women's calendar watch the charming charm. Twenty years of grinding, who with the Commander 2016 coincides with the 20th anniversary of the birth of the calendar, this uphold the tradition of Patek Philippe, bold innovation, to create a future Ref. The commemorative watch a total of two, are created from the Patek Philippe Calatrava series of masterpieces of the classic Ref. 96 to draw inspiration, adhering to the Bauhaus "shape with the function of Health" design concept, to create an elegant case design , At the same time due to the design style of the four or fifties calendar watch in the upper half of the watch side by side double window display week and month, and the date window is located in the lower half of the 6 o'clock position, the middle is the moon phase display and 24 hours Scale ring, constitute a balanced and clear display layout. Patek Philippe Almanac calendar who for twenty years Both Ref. 5396 commemorative watches are equipped with Caliber 324 S QA LU 24H movement, which not only through the parts show exquisite finishing process, the use of new Silinvar ® silicon material to create the Spiromax ® balance spring and Pulsomax ® escapement, so that the timetable accuracy of the calendar in full compliance with the strict requirements of Patek Philippe imprint, far exceeding the industry expectations for the astronomical watch. From 1996 to 2016, Patek Philippe in the twenty years of publication of the 22 calendar watch, not only for the success of Patek Philippe made an indelible contribution, also witnessed the complex function of mechanical watch in the past two decades of revival! Said "ten years of grinding sword," Patek Philippe Almanac watch series after 20 years of carefully tempered, has become a world unparalleled edged sword, ask who can compete with it!